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The Neon Museum of Philadelphia is dedicated to promoting neon and the culture of 20th century Philadelphia and the American roadside.

One way we present this information is digitally, via videos, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, podcasts, and other media. We display content related to three broad themes:

Neon — art, restorations, museums, photos, sign shops, and interviews with makers — plus other types of artistic glass

Philadelphia History — particularly related to the “workshop of the world” period, mid-century Philly, architecture, businesses, restaurants, training films, documentaries, neighborhood life, industries, music, sports, street games — plus 20th century American commercial history

Roadside America — diners, motels, fiberglass figures, non-neon signs, road trips, trolleys, vernacular architecture, art deco buildings, roadside attractions, storefronts, legacy and mom-and-pop businesses.

We would like to share your contributions to these areas. We hope to hear from artists, museums, historians, photographers and anyone who has a story to share.

Please consider contributing your videos, photos, and other media to the Museum! We would promote you and your content by periodically screening or presenting it to Museum visitors using our large screen monitor or other platforms.

We can accept video, photo, and presentation content in a variety of digital formats, including .mp4, .mp3, .avi, .mov, .pptx, .jpg, .pdf, and other formats. There’s no length requirement. Please only submit content for which you have full rights. We generally don’t accept submissions of analog formats (i.e. film, videotape, or photographs), but feel free to contact us.

There are several ways to share your work. We prefer you upload your files to the Museum using this form:

You could instead mail thumbdrives or DVDs.  With mailed submissions, please download and complete this Digital Media Form. If sending multiple submissions, please use one form for each submission.

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The Neon Museum of Philadelphia is permanently closed!

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